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Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, Dallas is a Hindu Mandir located in Grand Prairie, Texas named after Swaminarayan Ji, a Hindu Monk.

In the times of mid-1980, a group of kind-hearted spirits gathered at a regular social gathering in the Dallas area.

Initial days of conversations gave rise to a vision to build a temple to offer regular prayers and express their devotion under new devotion to Shree Swaminarayan Vadtal Gadi.

The small group grew in numbers for the satang once a month

With time, an official group was formed that grew beyond their home and local satsangs, they rented a small space in a home for offering prayers and celebrating festivals.

Dedicated Haribhaktos carried precious items like books, musical instruments, sitting sheets, and cooking utensils from door to door, and began gathering more souls.

In the year 1988, the group finally acquired a church property in Grand Prairie, Texas of approximately 19,000 sq. feet nested on 1.75 acres of land

The church was conveniently renovated and transformed into a sacred temple, on the arrival of the murti from India on July 4th, 1991, the prana prathista ceremony took place.

The temple saw an additional large kitchen, dining, and meditation halls of 5000 sq. feet in 1999.

In the year 2016 July 10th, the mandir celebrated its 25th Patotsav, as a testament to the devotion and growth it has seen over the year in the city of Dallas.

Temple Timings

Day Time
Mon to Fri Morning – 7.00 am to 12.00 pm

Evening –  4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Sat to Sun Morning 7.00 am to Evening  8.00 pm


Deities in the temple

The temple beholds a central shrine of the mandir: Bhagwan Swaminarayan in the center, with Gunatitanand Swami to his right side.

Towards the left is Gopalanand Swami, and as Purushottam Bhagwan Swaminarayan is the prime focus of all worship and devotion.

Also are Shri Harikrishna Maharaj and Shri Laskshminarayandev Maharaj shrines.

Festivals celebrated in the temple

The temple celebrates festivals like

Other activities in the temple

  • No Kid Hungry Program: Nearly 22 million low-income kids from communities across the country rely on the free and reduced-price meals they receive at school under this program organized by the Sansthan.
  • Shri Ghanshyam Bal Sabha: This program empowers the youth devotees( Boys and Girls) every Sunday at 5 pm which includes
  1. Cultural and Spiritual Lessons
  2. Story reading and Discussion
  3. Bhajans -Kirtan and Dhun
  4. Musical Instrument classes
  5. Arts and Crafts classes
  • Satsang Shibir: The temple offers seasonal satsang gatherings where there will be presentations, discussions, games, and activities for youth between the age of 5 to 25


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