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Morning6 AM to 1 PM
Evening3 PM to 8 PM

The Yellamma Temple in Balkampet, popularly known as the Balkampet Yellamma temple, is one of Hyderabad’s oldest and most revered temples. The temple attracts a large crowd on Sundays and Tuesdays and is well-known for hosting the annual Bonalu Jathara festival in Hyderabad.

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Yellamma, which translates as “mother of the universe.” There is also an alternate name, Jagadamba, who is thought to be the same as Goddess Renuka.

Goddess Balkampet Yellamma is also thought to be an incarnation of Goddess Kali and Goddess Parvati. Bonalu is celebrated to thank Goddess Kali. This Yellamma Devi Temple also has a small temple for Goddess Pochamma Devi on the south side, Goddess Pochamma is the Kshetrapalaka of the temple.

As a result, the temple is also known as Sri Yellamma Pochamma Devasthanam.

Balkampet Yellamma Temple Kalyanotsavam & Bonalu Dates

Renuka Devi Kalyanotsavam in Balkampet temple celebrated in the month of Ashadam for 3 days. More than 5 lakh devotees visits the temple during the event and offers Bonam to the Goddess. Bonam to the Goddess can be offered on any of the day during the Ashada Masam.

In 2023 celebrations starts from 19 June, and ends with Rathothsavam on 21 June. Below is the complete schedule of Balkampet Yellamma Kalyanotsavam.

Date Event
Monday, 19 June Edurukollu
Tuesday, 20 June

Yellamma Kalyanotsavam

Wednesday, 21 June Rathothsavam

The History of the Temple

  • The history of the Balkampet Yellamma Temple dates back to the 15th century and is more than 700 years old.
  • People discovered a rock with a sculpture of the goddess engraved on it while digging a well.
  • This idol was discovered 10 feet underground and could not be moved. As a result, a temple was constructed on that site in the 15th century.
  • After that, the temple was renovated several times. And the current temple has been standing since the early 20th century.
  • The recent renovations also include an eternal holy flame (Akhand Jyothi) that is lit 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  •  The idol of the goddess in the temple is seen 10 feet lower than the ground level, hence the goddess is also called Jala Durga.

The architecture of the Temple

  • The temple is built in the Dravidian style, with a tall gateway tower (gopuram). Inscriptions and detailed carvings adorn the walls.
  • The idol of Goddess Yellamma is located in a well, 10 feet below ground level. And the Balkampet Yellamma Temple water is treated as holy water, called “Theertham”. Bathing in this water, according to devotees, can cure all skin ailments.
  • The shrines of Goddess Pochamma, Goddess Nagadevta, and Lord Ganesha are also located within the temple complex.

The story of Balkampet Yellamma Temple

According to the story, Renuka, Raja Renuka’s daughter, married Jamadagni, Satyawati’s son, and had five sons, one of whom was Parashurama. Renuka was unable to perform one of her regular household chores one day. Her husband, Jamadagni, became very angry and asked her to leave the house. Dejected Renuka was advised to perform pujas near a Shivalinga and feed Brahmins as penance by the saints. Jamadagni became even angrier about this, and he then ordered his five sons to punish her. All the sons except Parashurama refused and were burned to ashes by the father’s gaze, while Parashurama went in search of his mother, who was hiding in a village and beheaded her, as well as the poor woman who assisted her. Jamadagni, pleased with his son’s obedience, bestowed a boon upon him, and in return, Parashurama requested his father to return the lives of his brothers, mother, and the village woman. However, Renuka’s and the other woman’s heads and bodies were interchanged. While Jamadagni accepted the woman who had Renuka’s body, the other form with Renuka’s head became popularly known as Yellamma, which means “mother of all,” and has been religiously worshiped by Telangana people since then.

Things to do at Yellamma Temple

  • The celestial marriage ceremony of the temple goddess, Yellamma Kalyanotsavam, is the most important event here.
  • Every day, people from the surrounding area and towns come to worship at the Yellamma Temple in Hyderabad to perform Abhishekam, Pushparchana, and Annadanam.
  • Special poojas, homas (Yajna), and other rituals are also performed on important days.
  • Each year in July/August, during the Ashada month, the Bonalu Jathara is celebrated with unique rituals, folk dances, pothuraju processions, and lakhs of devotees visit the temple.
  • Devotees sacrifice animals and birds to offer to the Goddess and during the festival, unique rituals, folk dances, and processions are performed.
  • Apart from those two festivals, this temple also celebrates Navratri, Deepavali, Makar Sankranti, Shivaratri, Dassehra, Diwali, etc.

Best Time to Visit and Explore the Temple

In Ashada Masam during the event of Yellamma Kalyanotsavam, lakhs of devotees visit the temple. Sri Yellamma Pochamma Devasthanam is very crowded on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays as these are the special days to worship the Goddess. To avoid the crowd and to visit the temple peacefully, go there on other weekdays and it takes.

How to Reach Balkampet Temple?

By Bus

RTC City Bus numbers from Secunderabad – 226E, 10AS, 10Y, 10H, 10, 10K-V RTC City Bus numbers from MGBS Bus Stop – 9X, 218D, 187D, 158Y, 218LV, 225D


The nearest MMTS stations are Begumpet station and “Nature Cure Hospital MMTS station”. You can reach the temple in just 2 minutes’ walk.

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