Narasimha Jayanti is a Hindu festival and auspicious day that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is celebrated on Vaisakh Chaturdashi of Shukla Paksha.

Lord Narasimha is the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu’s Dashavatara in the form of half-man and half-lion.

According to Puranas, Narshimha form appeared during sunset of Chaturdashi and hence the rituals are carried out during the sunset.

Narasimha Jayanti 2023 Date & Timings

Narasimha Jayanti in 2023 will be observed on Thursday, 4th May.


  • Chaturdashi Tithi Starts on 03 May 2023 at 11:50 PM
  • Chaturdashi Tithi Ends on 04 May 2023 at 11:23 PM

Narasimha Jayanti Sayana Kala Puja time is between 04:18 PM and 06:58 PM

Narasimha Jayanti Madhyahna Sankalp Time is between 10:58 AM and 01:38 PM

Below are the next few year dates for Narasimha Jayanti.

2023Thursday, 4th of May
2024Tuesday, 21st of May
2025Sunday, 11th of May

Story of Narasimha Jayanti

As per legend, Hiranyakashypu had received a unique boon from Lord Brahma due to which Hiranyakashypu could not be defeated by anyone.

His atrocities increased and he even tried killing his own son Prahlad who was a Lord Vishnu devotee. In order to protect Prahlad Lord Vishnu took the form of Narshimha and killed Hiranyakashypu proving that in this world only Dharma can prevail.

Vishnu took the Narshimha avatar on Vaisakh Chaturdashi day in order to kill the demon Hiranyakashipu. This was the fourth incarnation of the Lord in which he had the face of a lion and the body of a man.

Lord Narasimha is also known as Narahari, Auri Madhya Vishnu, Lakshmi Narasimha swamy, Hiranyakipu Ari.

Rituals obsereved on Narasimha Jayanti

On this day devotees observe fast. They get up early in the morning, take bath and make preparations for the pooja. The picture or idol of Lord Narshimha and Goddess Laxmi is placed on the altar, decorated with flowers and puja will be performed.

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Gram dal and jaggery is offered to the God. Sweets, kumkum, kesar, etc are offered to the Lord. The Narasimha mantra is recited by using the Rudraksh mala. Devotees donate clothes, sesame seeds, precious metals etc on this day to the poor people.

Devotees take Sankalp during the afternoon time and perform puja in the evening hours before sunset.

People have to keep the fast till next day morning. It is believed that fasting on this day will give respite from all problems. Generally fast is broken once Chaturdashi tithi is over.

There are many Narasimha Swamy Temples in South India that are dedicated to Lord Narasimha along with his consort Goddess Lakshmi and special pooja and celebrations are carried out in the temple on this day.

Devotees come to the temple on this day and pray to the almighty.

What should we learn from this Hindu festival?

This is a festival which teaches man that it is important to do good deeds in order get the best in life.

This festival teaches a person that if he walks on the path of adharma then he will meet an end that Hiranyakashypu met. Every human being must always choose the path of dharma in order to get the blessings of the Lord.

Lord Narasimha Maha Mantras

Om hrim ksaumugram viram mahavivnumjvalantam sarvatomukham।
Nrsimham bhisanam bhadrammrtyormrtyum namamyaham ॥

Meaning: ‘Oh Angry and brave Maha-Vishnu, your heat and fire permeate everywhere. O Lord Narasimha, you are everywhere. You are the death of death and I surrender to You.’

Ugram viram maha-vishnum jvalantam sarvato mukham |
nrisimham bhishanam bhadram mrityur mrityum namamy aham ||

Meaning : I bow down to Lord Narasimha swamy who is ferocious and heroic like Lord Vishnu. He is burning from every side. He is terrific, auspicious and the death of death personified.

Chanting of Lord Narasimha mantra can remove all sufferings and alleviate the troubles of people. It can bestow the state of fearlessness, peace, prosperity and tranquility.

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