Vasant Panchami is also known as Basant Panchami, Vasantha Panchami or Shri Panchami and Saraswati Panchami which marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring (usually in Magh month).

Vasant Panchami 2024 (Basant Panchami) Date

In 2024, Vasant Panchami is falling on Wednesday, 14th February

Vasant Panchami is dedicated to the goddess Saraswati Devi. The festival is celebrated two days before the Ratha Sapthami.

Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati

Rituals on Vasant Panchami

One of the most famous rituals of Vasanth Panchami is initiating education to the children which is known as Akshara Abhyasam or Vidhya Abhyasam.

Schools and colleges arrange puja to seek blessings of the goddess . Pens, notebooks and pencils are placed in front of goddess Devi’s feet.

Vansant Panchami is celebrated on Panchami Tithi day during Purvahna Kala which is between the sunrise and the midday.

Goddess saraswati Decorated for Puja

Goddess Decorated for Puja

People dress up in yellow color as it signifies the brilliance of nature and the vibrancy of nature. Kesar halwa is prepared on this special occasion which is made of flour, sugar, nuts and cardamom powder.During this festival, India’s crop fields are filled with yellow mustard flowers which bloom at this time of the year.

Goddess Saraswati Devi sitting on lotus symbolizes her wisdom. She rides on the white swan with the white dress which is a symbol of purity. Goddess sits on a peacock that reminds a strong ego can be held back by wisdom.

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