Why Hanuman Jayanthi is Celebrated?

It is clear from the name that Hanuman Jayanti is the celebration of the birth of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama and that is Lord Hanuman.

The festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu Chaitra month.

Different states will celebrate Hanuman Jayanti in different ways. The main motto is to worship the Lord and seek his blessing.

In Andhra Pradesh and in Telangana this festival is celebrated for 41 days starting from the day of Hanuman Jayanti.

In Kerela and in Tamil Nadu the festival is celebrated in Dhanu month and on the new moon day.

The main objective of this day is the same in all the states and that is praying to the lord Hanuman and getting his blessings.

Hanuman Jayanthi 2024 Date

  • Hanuman Jayanthi 2024 Date – Tuesday, April 23
  • Hanuman Jayanthi 2025 Date – Saturday, April 12
  • Hanuman Jayanthi 2026 Date – Thursday, April 2

Hanuman Jayanthi Celebrations

Devotees will light up a mustard lamp in front of Lord Hanuman and hymns in the praise of the Lord are recited. Dhoop is offered and sweets like laddoos are offered to the Lord.

This is a big day for Hanuman temples. The temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman are decorated and there are large Utsav celebrated in the temples.

Devotees go to the temple and offer mustard oil, a garland of beetle leaves and coconut to Lord Hanuman.

Sindoor is also offered to Lord Hanuman. Flowers like Dhatoora flower, hibiscus, and jasmine are also offered to Lord Hanuman. The devotees will also do pradakshina around the idol of Lord Hanuman. 

In temples, spiritual discourses are carried out throughout the day. This includes narration of stories of Lord Hanuman or recital of Hanuman Chalisa etc. 

This may not seem to be a stand-out festival in India but this day has a lot of spiritual significance. There are a large number of devotees across the country who wait to celebrate this day.

The devotees of Lord Hanuman make it a point to observe a strict fast on this day and chant the Hanuman mantras on this day.

A strict vegetarian diet is followed by all the devotees. The Hanuman Jayanti celebrations go on not just during the day but also at night in big Hanuman temples.

The temples and the surrounding areas are decorated with colorful lights.

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