Thai Pongal is a festival celebrated by the Tamilians and it is dedicated to Sun God. This festival is celebrated in the month of January and this is a festival that is celebrated for four days.

Thai is the name of the tenth month in the Tamil calendar. On the same day, Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi and other south India people celebrates as Makar Sankranthi or Pongal.

The first day of the festival is Bhogi. On the second day of the festival is known as Thai Pongal. Third day is Mattu Pongal & fourth one is Kanuma.

Thai Pongal 2024 Date

Thai Pongal in 2024 will be celebrated on Monday 15th January.

Rituals, Events & Food Preparations

Thai Pongal is the day when Uttarayan begins. On the day of the festival, all the family members will rise early and get bathe and get ready to prepare the Pongal. 

The garden where the Pongal is going to be cooked is cleaned and decorated with kolam. Water is boiled in an earthen vessel. When the water begins to boil three handful of rice is added to it and the rice is cooked. Other important ingredients that are added include cow’s milk, coconut milk, cane sugar, roasted green gram, dry fruits etc.

Once the pongal is ready it is served on a banana leaf and the entire family will pray to the sun and god for prosperity. Once the praying is over the pongal is distributed among family members. Banana and mango are also given along with the pongal.

It is a tradition to share the pongal with family and friends. Hence pongal is then distributed in the neighbourhood.

In the evenings there are a number of cultural events that families will attend. Many people will even go to each other homes to wish them and to celebrate the festival.

This day is of special significance to the farmers who pray for a good harvest season. Prayers are also offered to the cattle.

The cattle is thanked for the invaluable service that they provide to the farmers and to all human beings. The cattle are bathed and they are decorated with garlands and paint. Prayers are offered and then pongal is given to them.

Overall this is a festival of thanking Mother Nature. It is a festival of praying to the Mother Nature and asking her to continue giving all the wonderful things in abundance. This is one of those festivals which involve lots of festivities.

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