Baisakhi is the most important festival celebrated by Sikhs in the month of April. It is the New Year of the Sikhs. Baisakhi is also known as Vaisakhi and it is one of the most important festivals of Punjab.  This takes place during the time when the Rabi crop is ready for harvesting. The farmers pray to God for a good harvest and thank God for all the good things that they have given them

Vasakhi Dates

  • 2019 – Sunday, April, 14
  • 2020 – Monday, April 13
  • 2021 – Wednesday, April 14
  • 2022 – Thursday, April 14

Baisakhi Celebrations

Gurudwaras are cleaned and decorated. On the day of the festival, people visit the Gurudwaras and pray to the Lord. There are special prayers in the morning. After the prayers, the Khada Prasad is distributed in the Gurudwara. Holy recitals are read from the Guru Granthsahib in the Gurudwaras. Holy processions by religious men are taken out in the city. Kar seva or physical labour services are offered by the people in the Gurudwaras. Langar is also organised in the Gurudwaras. There are lots of people who come to the Gurudwaras to offer their prayers. The Sikh people start their day early. They adorn new clothes and visit the Gurudwara to offer their prayers.

Many delicacies are prepared at home which includes sarso da saag and makke ki roti and many sweets are also prepared and the people will have dinner along with their families. People also participate in a number of festivities. They will wear traditional colorful clothes. They will perform traditional Bhangra dance. Men and women participate in this dance. Traditional music is played. There are lots of other games and festivities. Overall this colourful festival is celebrated with lots of fervor.

Most of the offices and educational institutes are closed on this day. People take part in the festivities. They will also exchange gifts with each other. There are a number of cultural activities and fairs across the state.

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If you want to check out the true spirit of Punjab then you must visit this state during Baisakhi which is their most important festival. You will find colours of joy and festivities everywhere in Punjab. You will get soaked into the never say die spirit of happening Punjab on the day of Baisakhi.

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