About the Temple

The Sri Venkateshwara Temple (SVT) Organization was incorporated on Aug 7, 1975. 

An application requesting help for the construction of the Sri Venkateshwara Temple by the SVT was made on Sept 11, 1975.

Construction assistance for the Sri Venkateshwara Temple, currently located at South McCully drive, was offered to the Hindu Temple Society of North America, Pittsburgh

Founder trustees donated an initial $300 with an additional donation of $200 each year for construction.

Also, on Nov 21, 1974, the TTD board approved helping HTS, Pittsburgh, and sanctioned Rs 4 lakhs for temple developments.

Later, the Ground-breaking ceremony at Sri Venkateshwara Temple, South McCully Drive, Penn Hills, with Sri C. Anna Rao, Chairman, TTD, Mr. Purusotham Naidu, Commissioner of Endowments, Government of Andhra Pradesh on June 30, 1976.

Lord Venkateshwara temple is built in traditional South Indian Gopuram kind of architecture.

Deities in the temple

Lord Venkateshwara along with Goddess Bhudevi and Maa Sridevi form the main deities of the temple.

Temple Timings


Monday to Sunday 

9 am to 7.30 pm


Festivals Celebrated

The temple celebrates

Facilities in the temple

  • Canteen 
  • Car parking
  • Social Hall for functions
  • Dining hall
  • Meditation and Yoga hall

Daily Archana Services

Pooja Details Time Charges
Sri Sathyanarayana Vratha Performed when sponsors are present in the temple Weekdays(11.00am)


Nithya Seva This seva starts from the temple open time till the closer           Daily  $151
Venkateshwara Archana Performed only after suprabhatam pooja $8
Lakshmi Archana
Sri Srinivasa Kalyana Performed at 2.00 pm with prior booking $51
Andal Archana $8
Anjaneya Archana Performed with Prior booking $8
Ekanta Seva $15
Sri Venkateswara Sahasranama archana 9.45 pm to 6. 00 pm
Sri Lakshmi sahasranaram archana Daily at 5.30 pm


Other seva in/out of the temple

Service Inside  Outside
Homam $96.00 At 50 miles – $204

50 – 100 miles – $360

Gruhapravesham NA
Seemantha $144.00 At 50 miles – $252

50 – 100 miles – $360

Sathyanarayana Puja NA At 50 miles – $204

50 – 100 miles – $360

Shradham NA
Punyavachanam $48.00 At 50 miles – $150

50 – 100 miles – $360

Upanayanam $142
Engagement &96
Wedding $144 At 50 miles – $252

50 – 100 miles – $360

Shashti poorti


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