About the Temple

Under the Laws of the State of New York, a non-profit religious institution called The Hindu Temple Society of North America was formed on Jan 26, 1970.

This Society acquired a site from a non-functional Russian Orthodox Church, to construct the temple.

 A temple designed as per Agama Sastras was built and consecrated in the year 1977, coinciding with the US Independence Day.

His Holiness Sri La Sri Pandrimalai Swamigal, from Madras, had prepared 26 yantras for this temple and did pooja for it for 5 years.

These yantras were installed on July 4, 1977, in this temple, this is the 1st authentic Hindu temple built in North America with traditional granite stones imported from India.

This temple is located within the heart of Flushing, a part of Queens County.


The temple has a blessed serenity of various Gods and Goddesses to name a few:

  • Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati: Sri Maha(great) Vallabha (Omnipotent) Ganapati (leader of Ganas, guards of Lord Shiva) is the main deity of the temple 

Lord Ganapati is often identified by elephant’s head, big belly with a snake tied around, and human body with four hands

  • Lord Venkateshwara with Sridevi (Lakshmi) and Bhudevi (Mother Earth): lord Venkateshwara is regarded as a sin’s eraser and boon-granting deity
  • Sri Dhanvatari and sri Garuda
  • Sri Sudarshana and Narasimha
  • Sri Swarna Bhairava
  • Sri Nataraj, Sivakami and Manikkavachakar
  • Sri Atma Linga
  • Sri Chandrasekaraswamy and Anandavalli
  • Sri Shiv-parvati parivaar
  • Sri Shanmukha (also known as Subramanya the younger son of Lord Shiva) , Sri Valli and Devasena, and many more deities can be seen on temple premises.

Pooja services at the Temple

  • Daily Services



Maha Ganapati Suprabhatam

8 am

Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam


Sri Siva Abhishekam/Ganapati homam


Maha Ganapati Abhishekam

9 am

Veda parayanam

10 am & 6 pm

Parivara Pooja

5 pm

Sarva Devata Mangala Harati


Ardha Yama Pooja


  • Weekly Services






6 pm


Hanuman  9 am

Sri Nagendra 

Sri Shanmukha 

6 pm


Sri Saraswathi

6 pm


Sri Raghavendra swamy 

6 pm


Sri Lakshmi/Lalitha

9 am-6 pm





Ganapati Sahasranama

6 pm

  • Schedules Religious Services at the Temple
Days Service Time

1st Thursday

Sri Guru Homam  9 am
Gayatri Abhishekam

6 pm

  1st Saturday

Sri Navagraha Homam 7.45am
Ayyappa Abhishekam

6 pm

2nd Satunday

Sri Sudarshana Abhishekam 6 pm
Sri Saneeshwara Sahasrara

6 pm

3rd Saturday

Sri Dhanvantari & Garuda Homam 6 pm
Ayyappa Abhishekam

6 pm

1st Sun

Surya Namaskaram 8 am

Sri Devi Khodiyar Mata Pooja

9 am


Lakshmi Pooja (Fri)

8 am

Sri Agasytya & Lopamudra (Sun)

9 am
Sri Kamakshi Utsavam 

9 am


Sri Shiva & Nandi pooja 6 pm

These pooja schedules are a sample, of special nakshatras like Kritika, Rohini, Punarvasu, and Moola pooja offered to the respective deities.

Some poojas a performed for 6 months and some yearly basis depending on the occurrence of the Nakshatra and Thiti.

Festivals Celebrated

Auspicious Hindu festivals like

Temple Canteen Facility (Open daily from 8.30 am – 9.00 pm)

A canteen facility in this temple was started in the year 1993 to prepare “Naivedyam”( Food Offering).

Traditional South Indian food like Idly, Dosa, Pongal, Upma, Sambar Rice, Chutney, etc are cooked and served.

Other Facilities at the Temple

This temple has halls (Kamakshi and Kubera hall) devoted to temple activities, right below the mandir.

Here dance, music, discourse, and some cultural events are frequently organized for devotees.

Halls are also rented for weddings and other events

 Another hall known as “Saraswathi hall” is located across the temple for small events like Yoga, Sanskrit, lectures, performances, and functions for adults and senior devotees.

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