About the Temple

This Shiv Shakti Mandir committee with main deities Adi Dev Mahadev and Adya Shakti Maa Parvati was formed by Hindus in greater Houston in the year 2002.

The Murtis of Mahadevji (in the Ling form), Umiaji, Ambaji, Maa Khodiar, Ganeshji, Hanumanji, Baliadev, Nandikeshwar(Lord Basavanna), and Kurma were bought from India and shipped to Houston in 2004.

Followed by prana prathista of the temple deities took place in August 2005 accumulating a fund worth $300,000 from supporters and devotees.

The Shrines of Panchmukhi Hanuman and Shanidev were installed in 2013, and Varundev and Julelal-Dariyalal arrived in 2014.

Later a new location of 1.65 acres that could accommodate a big hall and temple garden was availed by SSSM with a down payment of $300,000.

The required renovation and developments took place and in November 2013, all the deities were moved to a new Temple, the prana pratishtha took place in the shravana masam of the year 2014.


In the temple precinct are Lord Mahadev, Maa Parvati, Lord Vigneshwara, and Anjaneya.

Mandir Timings




8 am to 7 pm

Morning Aarti

8.30 am

Evening Aarti

6 pm


Festivals Celebrated

Various traditional Hindu festivals like

Special Services/Pooja rituals provided in the temple

  1. Ganesha Pooja and Havana
  2. Lakshmi Pooja and Havana
  3. Ganesha Yagna 
  4. Navachandi Yagna
  5. Vastu Shanti and Shani Shanti
  6. Namakaran
  7. Upanayana (thread ceremony)
  8. Engagement/Marriage/Seemanta ceremony
  9. kaal Sarp Shanti, Nakshatra shanti and so on.

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