About the Temple

The North Texas Hindu Mandir located in Dallas stands as a beacon of devotion, cultural preservation, and community engagement.

It is one of the prominent Hindu temples in the Fort Worth Metroplex of Texas.

Brief into Temple History

In the year 1992, Hindu immigrants of Indo-Caribbean origin in the city of Dallas -Fort Worth Area gave rise to CHANT.

CHANT stands for Caribbean Hindu Association of North Texas and stood as a place where Hindu devotees of Dallas seek salutation.

The foundation was earlier by the name NTHM( North Texas Hindu Mandir) which got its name as CHANT.

A group of devotees began to resurrect their traditions with the help of more knowledgeable members and guests.

The group began to grow by leaps and bounds and the community started looking for a large area to have a common place of worship.

Finally, in the year 2002, the members and guests of CHANT made a step to establish the temple in a fixed location.

They progressed with the interior decoration and installed several Hindu deities in the temple later in 2002.

The temple began attracting devotees and visitors from all over the world.

 On April 15, 2015, several members of Maha Salvatrucha vandalized the temple by drawing ‘666’ on the temple doors.

Several cameras were around the premises and fencing was done around the temple to protect the devotees and their belongings.

A special feature of the temple design

This temple is under the influence of various Hindu groups from all over the world.

As an attractive feature, the interiors have been uniquely designed which has all the deities in a line along the wall.

Hence there are no pedestals so the devotees can touch the Murtis

Temple Timings

The temple is open only on Sundays with the following timings to visit and offer pooja to the deities.

Pooja Timings
Murti Pujas 9.30 am
Shivalingam Abhidhekam 10.00 am
Flower offerings 10.15 am
Prasad offerings 10.30 am
Havan 10.30 am
Discourse 11.00 am
Hanuman Chalisa  11.15 am
Discourse followed by aarti 12.00 am
Prasadam 12.45 pm

Deities in the temple

The temple houses various Hindu Gods and Goddess namely:

  • Lord Brahma: God of creation in Hinduism
  • Lord Vishnu: The supreme God of preservation, known for his avatars such as Rama and Krishna
  • Lord Shiva(Murti as well as Lingam): The deity of evil destruction, often associated with meditation, asceticism, and cosmic dance.
  • Maata Lakshmi: The Shakti goddess of prosperity, wealth, and abundance
  • Saraswati: The goddess of knowledge, music, and arts.
  • Parvati: The female goddess representing feminine energy and divine power, often associated with Shiva as his consort.
  • Ganesha: The elephant-headed God, known as obstacle remover and the god of all beginnings
  • Hanuman: The monkey God, an ardent devotee showing unwavering devotion to Lord Rama.
  • Durga: The female Goddess of power and protection, popular as an embodiment for combating evil forces.
  •  Kali: The fierce goddess associated with time, change, and destruction of evil

Festivals Celebrated in the temple

The temple offers to celebrate numerous Hindu festivals for devotees to gather and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere every year namely: 

  1. Krishna Janmashtami
  2. Maha Shivarathri
  3. Pongal/Makara sankranthi
  4. Ugadi( lunar new year)
  5. Holi
  6. Diwali
  7. Dusshera(Durgastami on the 8th day of Navarathri)
  8. Ramanavami and so on 

Other activities in the temple

The temple is famous for vehicle pooja among the Hindu communities of Dallas

Here are the details of car pooja:

Items required

  • Flowers ( red, yellow or white brunches)
  • Money (10*$1, 10  quarters)
  • Prasad (5 different fruits)
  • Mohan bhog ( 1 small sized bowl)
  • 5 lemons
  • Coconut
  • Dakshina for pundit ji

General instructions

  1. Devotees who need their vehicle pooja to be done are expected to take a bath/shower
  2. Wear clean clothes
  3. Arrive at the temple pooja location of the mandir 15 mins prior to the pooja beginning
  4. Get all the supplies of items required for the pooja
  5. Be on time for pooja

Do you know Additional Information?

If the listed information is incorrect or If you know more information about this temple,
Please let us know through the mail to sakalamblog@gmail.com, We will change it so other devotees will know the correct information.

Also, If you could send the photos of the temple, we will upload it for devotees references.

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