About the Temple

The Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas is a Hindu temple located in Allen, Texas.

It serves as a spiritual and cultural center for the local Hindu devotees of Dallas that is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna and his consort Radha.

The temple was constructed by JKYog, “ Jagadguru Kripaluji Yog”, a spiritual and charitable non-profit organization in the US under the association Swami Mukundananda

Evolution of the temple

A group of devotees of Lord Krishna under the guidance of Swami ji manifested this temple to come into existence and began hunting for land.

Finally, on March 22nd, 2014, a 10-acre land was procured and Bhoomi pooja to the temple site was organized.

Initially, the temple saw several challenges including loss of volunteers, financial constraints, and land issues which delayed temple development.

But with the grace of the almighty Lord Krishna, the temple opening ceremony and pratisthavidhi were held over 8 days, as a grand celebration from 4th to 11th July 2017.

Huge and attractive idols of Radha and Krishna were unveiled on 9th July 2017 and the temple was a hub of 1000s of devotees that flocked in every day.

Temple Timings

Day Time
Mon to Fri Morning- 9.30 am to 1.00 pm

Evening- 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Sat & Sun Morning 9.30 am to evening 8.30 pm

Other Special Pooja details

Particulars Cost
Annaprasana $51
Archana $11 – $51
Baby Shower $101-$151
Bhumi Pooja $151
Car Pooja $35
Marriage and related ceremonies $151 and above
Gruha Pravesha $251
Navagraha Pooja $201
Randall Maata Pooja $151

Recurring poojas

Particulars related to Radha Krishna deity Cost
Abhishekam $151
Sahasranamam $51
Maha Archana $31
Aarti $25

Special Abhishekam

Particulars  Cost
Shivalingam  abhishekam $51
Rudrabhishekam $101
Rudra Havan $151
Radha Krishna abhishekam $101
Sita Rama Havanam

Special Havan

Particulars  Cost
Shanti Havan $151
Gayathri Havan
Ganesha Havan
Durga and Rudra Havan $201

Special Nakshatra Pooja

Particulars  Cost
Magha Shanti $101
Jayshta Shanti
Moola Shanti $151
Hiranya Shraddha Shanti $51
Yearly shraddha Shanti and so on $251

Deities in the temple

Lord Krishna is the main deity of the temple, along with his eternal consort Radha Maata.

Along with the main deities, the temple complex is blessed with the presence of Lord Shiva Lingam, Ganesha, Hanuman, and Ram Sita Parivar.

Festivals Celebrated:

The Radha Krishna temple is popular in the DFW area for families to gather and celebrate festivals like

Other activities in the temple

As a token of gratitude and service to humanity,

The temple offers several programs and activities that inculcate and promote spiritual and religiousness among the devotees namely:

  1. Yugal Kunj Canteen: A special tiffin service that serves delicious authentic Indian food every day from Morning 11.30 am to 1.30 pm and in the evening from 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm.

For more info, Visit page

  • Hall Rental services: the temple has beautifully decorated and spacious halls available for rent for events like celebrations, classes, workshops, and more.
  1. Youth leadership Workshops: These are a series of Interactive sessions that are organized to develop skills like communication, language speaking, goal setting, problem-solving, and so on among the youth.
  • Community Programs: The temple offers a number of programs to enrich the quality of life through spirituality, yoga-Bal Mukundh program, meditation, personality development, and community service.
  • Others: Satsang congregations, spiritual discourses, weekend retreats, Hindu family camps, and toastmasters are some of the great relationship-developing activities organized by the temple for spiritual and personal development.


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