About the Temple

The temple is a renowned Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is a deity of strength, located in the serene setting of Frisco, Texas.

The term “karya” means work or wish, siddhi refers to success, and Karya-Siddhi Hanuman means wish fulfilling deity Hanuman Ji.

In the year 2007, on a summer day, a land of 10 acres was identified by a group of devotees in Frisco for temple construction.

The event was sanctioned by the spiritual leader Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swamiji who recognized the need for a Lord Hanuman temple in the city of Dallas.

Within 3 months, zoning of the land was done, the loan was sanctioned and construction of the temple began with bhumi pooja in the divine presence of Poojya Swamiji.

Brief about Temple Events and Architecture

A pink murti of Lord Hanuman which was beloved by the Trinidad devotees for many years was sent by Sri Swamiji from Jaipur to Frisco on Friday, April 11 in 2008.

Events like road expansion, boundary wall, and parking area began in September 2008.

Param Pujya Sri Swamiji Inaugurated the 33000 sq. feet temple on July 2009, the 5 feet tall murti of Hanumanji was consecrated with a prana prathista ritual by his holiness.

While the temple construction was in progress, Subramanya Sthapathy’s team of around 30 artisans(shilpis) from India completed the inside garbhagudi Indianization as well as the 3 gopuras on the exterior.

The main deity complex(garbha gudi) is made of granite, the murti was cut and carved, and sent from India in 30 containers.

A team of 4 artisans who specialize in granite erection and installation worked together from India, layer by layer with time.

The temple witnessed Maha Kumbhabhishekam in the divine presence of his holiness on July 23, 2015, with nearly 10000 devotees in the temple.

The temple’s Kalasha sthapana was conducted from June 24th till June 26th, 2019, followed by  raja gopuram consecration done by Param Pujya Sri on July 20, 2019.

Indianization of the temple was completed when the exteriors of the temple construction were done in Dec 2020, as per the Dravidian style of architecture.

Temple Timings

Day Timings
Mon to Fri 8.00 am to 1.00 pm

5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Sat & Sun 5.00 am to 8.30 pm

The temple remains closed between 1 pm to 5.30 pm on weekdays.

Special Aarti Schedule

Type Time
Daily Aarti At 12.00 pm & 8.00 pm
Kakada Aarti Every Thu at 8.15 pm
Nithya Pooja At 8.00 am & 5.30 pm

Deities in the temple

  • Markata Karya Siddhi Hanuman: Sri Hanuman is the main deity of the temple, he is considered Chiranjeevi, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama.

Markata is a kind of stone of ancient times, which is very difficult to carve, in this temple, it took 3 years to carve the moorti.

  • Lord Ganesha: Also known as Ganesha or vigneshwara, referred to as the remover of obstacles.


  • Lord Subrahmanya: The presiding deity is also known as Karthikeya, Skanda, Murugan, and so on. He is a commander in chief of the army of the Devas. He holds a Vel, a Spear or Lance that he carries, and he mounts on a peacock.


  • Sri Durga Maa: A form of Shakti of the tri murtis is Maa Durga, a destroyer of evil forces, she holds a Sri Chakra and aids in yogic aspirants.


  • Lord Shiva: Also known as Bhairava, Marthanda, Nataraja and so on, is a supreme God of destroying evil.

The Spatika lingam in this temple represents the highest form of penance.

  • Sri Rama Parivara: The 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he is also referred to as Maryada Purushotama, his consort Seeta Maa, Lakshman, and Jai Hanuman ji.


  • Navagraha: A congregation of 9 planets, referred to as demi-gods of Hindu astronomy.


  • Lord Dattatreya: A three-headed Lord each representing the tri murtis, also known as Guru.

Festivals Celebrated in the Temple

The temple is known to celebrate festivals that are of cultural significance and uplift Hindu culture namely Guru Poornima, Guru Mahotsavam, Hanuman Jayanthi, and Jayalaskhmi Mata Jayanthi.

Hanuman Jayanthi, Ugadi, Holi, Sri Rama Navami, Navarathri, Shivarathri, Thai Poosam, Subramanya Shasti, and so on.

Culture and other services/activities in the temple

After 6 years of continuous pooja and seva’s by the devotees of Dallas and the US, the community called Hanuman Cultural Centre set up various other activities in the temple for devotees.

The temple is a center for spiritual worship, cultural celebrations, and other community engagement activities like 

  • Bhajans and Kirtans
  • Singing- Carnatic, Kuchipudi, Bharathanatyam, Nada Nrithya Seva, and so on
  • Cultural dancing
  • Guru Aaradhana and Samparnam

The temple administration continues to organize religious and cultural events, hosting festivals, concerts, and education programs that promote Hindu traditions and values.

Facilities in the temple for the convenience of the devotees

  1. Cafeteria
  2. Special Pooja Seva Hall and classroom 
  3. Sri Ramachandra Yagashala
  4. Library
  5. Organic Vegetables Garden
  6. Meditation Hall

Temple Rules/Dress Code

Devotees can visit the temple with decent and traditional clothing

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