About the Temple

The famous Hindu Temple of St. Loius was legally registered as a Non-Profit Organization in Missouri in 1988, and sooner a Ground-breaking of the temple took place on April 21 in the year 1990.

A Bhoomi puja was performed, and on Nov 8, 1991, the temple was ready for offering prayers and devotees’ visits.

The 1st set of Deities was installed in the year 1995, and an auspicious event of construction of the Mahatma Gandhi Cultural Center took place in 1991.

In the year 2000, several temple architects and builders came from India to plan and develop the temple as per Indian architecture.

In the year 2008, the temple authorities purchased a housing complex for $3 Million to expand the temple premises.

The Intervention caused chaos as the locality had increased noise pollution, traffic, and light pollution causing irritability to temple activities and others.

So, in the year 2012, a wall was built across this newly expanded land “15-foot setback”.

The new and well-established temple now consists of a worship place, a cultural center, a reception, a café and library, a parking space, and an auditorium.

Temple Deities and their significance

The main deity of the temple is Lord Venkateshwara along with Sri Devi and Bhudevi, Lord Dattatreya, Ganesha, Ayyappa Swamy, Anjaneya, and so on.

Lord Narayana a form of Lord Vishnu is depicted as resting on Shesha, accompanied by his wife Goddess Lakshmi.

Adishesha is considered one of the two mounts of Vishnu alongside Garuda

Darshan Timings




Monday to Friday

9 am to 12 pm

5 pm to 8 pm

Saturday & Sunday

  Opens at 9 am

Closes at 8 pm


Temple Kitchen Timings

Days: Sat & Sun



Online Pickup

11 am – 1 pm

5 pm – 8 pm

Walk in Orders

10 am – 1 pm



Festivals and Other Rituals Celebrated

  • Ayyappa Mandalam Pooja Sponsorships
Service Cost
Ganapathi Homam $25
Mala Dharana $15
Gajamala $50
Abhishekam $25
Harivarasanam $116


  • Ganesha Pooja
Service Cost
Abhishekam $25 each
Garland $50
Prasadam $200


  • Dattatreya Homam
Service Cost
Flower $25
Gajamala $40
Homam $51


  • Samoohika Sathyanarayana puja: $25 per pooja kit

Also, special events like Maha Kumbhabhishekam takes place in this divine religious place of worship every year to mesmerize the devotees with Lord Narayana’s Oneness.

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