History of the Temple

Although Gayathri Mandir in Brisbane is not as remarkable as the immense architectural wonders in India, it nonetheless exudes serenity and spiritual energy.

Gayathri Mandir in Brisbane is one of the popular spiritual destination, it nonetheless exudes serenity and spiritual energy.

Initially, prayers happened in homes, small garages, or a school/ community hall.

One fine day, a small group of people gathered and bid on a small house in Boondall, which is now Gayathri Mandir.

The Mandir was constructed by Mr. Umesh Chandra in 1991 on a quiet street in Boondall, a northern suburb of Brisbane, which was his greatest achievement. Later in 1987, he moved to Sydney from Rajasthan with his wife Usha.

Mr. Chandra was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia, for his service to the multicultural community of Queensland

Aim of the Temple:

The temple mainly aspires to promote Hinduism as a way of life, ideology, and Practises.

  • To offer resources for its growth and study
  • To teach Indian languages and disciplines
  • To engage in charitable work

Deities in the Temple

The main deity is Gayathri, also known as Savitri (mother of the Vedas), which is another name for Saraswathi (a goddess of knowledge and enlightenment) and is the wife of Lord Brahma.

Mata Gayathri is known to be seated on a Lotus flower with 5 heads, 4 representing the Vedas (Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Arthvana Veda, and Yajur Veda), and 5th head representing God the Almighty.

One can get the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha, Shiva, and Hanuman Ji on the temple premises.

Temple Timings

Day Morning
Monday to Sunday 9AM to 11 AM


Special Prayer Offering:

The temple beholds Ramayan recitations every Tuesday between 7.00 PM and 8.30 PM

Festivals and Events

Gayathri Mandir offers the following for devotees:

  • Daily aartis and puja
  • Ceremonies and Hindu festivals like Holi Dahan, Maha Shivarathri, Hanuman Jayanti, Ram Navami, Ganesh Chaturthi, and so on are celebrated.
  • Food and Catering
  • Wedding and other associated ceremonies.

Children are taught Hindi language and culture in Bal Vikas classes

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