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Monday to Sunday 5 am to 1 pm 3 pm to 8:30 pm

Overview of Bhadrakali temple

The Bhadrakali Te­mple in the city of Warangal is a cherishe­d spot that draws believers from many place­s.

This old temple is for the Hindu godde­ss Bhadrakali, known for her might. It’s a crucial religious site.

You can trace­ its history back to the 7th century, showing it was a wonder of archite­cture then.

Stepping into the­ temple grounds, you fee­l peaceful and truly spiritual.

The primary de­ity, Goddess Bhadrakali, is portrayed as an intense­ warrior, covered in weapons and bauble­s.

Her statue combines powe­r and beauty in one. Beside­s the main shrine, the te­mple area also contains lesse­r places of worship for other gods.

The de­tailed designs on the walls and columns show tale­s from Hindu lore, leaving anyone who se­es them in marvel of the­ir artistry.

History & Significance of Warangal Bhadrakali Temple

The Temple, located in the city of Warangal, Telangana, holds a rich history and profound significance.

The ancient temple Built in the 7th century during the Chalukya dynasty is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, an incarnation of Goddess Kali.

According to legends, King Pulakesi 2 constructed the temple to seek divine blessings of goddess for victory in battles.

Over the years, it has transformed into a revered destination for devout followers in search of safeguarding and the realization of their aspirations.

The temple’s architectural magnificence is clearly displayed through its elaborate carvings and sculptures that portray different Hindu gods and goddesses.

The presence of the Bhadrakali idol inside the innermost chamber emits a compelling aura, enchanting all visitors with its divine essence.

Temple Architecture

The ancient bhadrakali temple is an architectural marvel which showcases a stunning architectural styles of Chalukya and Kakatiya.

Gopuram (tower) that stand tall and magnificent catches the eye of the visitor at the temple main entrance.

Intricately carved pillars and beautifully sculpted idols of various deities can be seen inside the temple complex.

The presiding deity, Goddess Bhadrakali, is housed within the sanctum sanctorum. She is portrayed with numerous arms, each wielding a different weapon.

The idol emanates a sense of authority and elegance, enchanting followers who visit in search of her divine favor.

“Swarna Mukhi Pushkarini” is a large tank which is adjacent to the main shrine adds charm to the temple.

Story/Legend of the Temple

There are numerous fascinating myths and traditions surrounding the founding of the Bhadrakali Temple in Warangal, which are deeply rooted in history and mythology.

Mahishasura was a formidable demon that haunted the area, according to one of the most fascinating stories connected to this temple.

When the gods were unable to vanquish him, Goddess Parvati changed into a furious version of herself, known as Bhadrakali, in order to help them.

There was a fight between Mahishasura and Bhadrakali.

After the fight, Bhadrakali emerged as the victorious one, defeating the demon and bringing peace back to the kingdom.

Another Story which revolves

A fascinating tale recounts how Lord Shiva, after beheading Daksha, his father-in-law, worshipped Goddess Bhadrakali at this very location.

In order to seek salvation for his actions, Lord Shiva undertook a rigorous penance at this sacred temple.

Festivals celebrated in the Temple

Many devotees visit the temple during Brahmotsavams celebrated in the month of April and May and during Sravana masam in the month of August – September.

Shakambari Utsavam, Vasanta Navaratri, and Sharan Navaratri are just a few of the well-known holidays observed by the temple.

Ladies and girls visit the Bhadrakali Lake to make prayers during the Bathukamma Festival while wearing intricately patterned floral arrangements.

Renovation of Bhadrakali Temple Warangal

Later in 1950, a devi upasaka Sri Ganesh Rao along with the businessman of Gujarat Shri Maganlal renovated the temple.

The idol of the deity in the temple is 2.7 meters made out of stone is shown in sitting position with eight hands holding one weapon on each hand and wearing an attractive crown.

The vehicle of the Goddess is lion which is placed opposite to the holy place in the temple.

Few other shrines in the temple are Lord Shiva, Subramanya swamy, Hanuman and Navagrahas with Umamaheshwara image placed on stone are the separate shrines in Maha Mandapam.

The recent shrine of lord Vigneshwara is built outside the temple.

A captivating feature of this temple is the man-made Bhadrakali Lake, which was built during the Kakatiya era to provide water for cultivation and other uses.

This lake is around 2.5 km long and is bordered by hills and different natural rock formations.

Animal sacrifices were halted in the temple after the restorations and the idol of the deity experienced a slight transformation.

According to legend, the deity’s initial ferocious appearance was transformed into a happy smile eventually by  few adjustments.

Holy chants written in the deity’s language were also added throughout the renovations.

The antique pillars close to the Garbha Griha, notwithstanding the Bhadrakali temple’s massive renovations, serve as a reminder of its famous history.

Other Shrines to visit near Bhadrakali temple

There are several such shrines nearby Bhadrakali Temple Warangal that are worthwhile visiting.

The Padmakshi Temple, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple, and Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy Temple are a few examples.

Thousand Pillar Temple in Warangal is one of the most popular and must visit temple.

How to reach Bhadrakali temple Warangal

From Warangal railway station, temple is around 5 km away near to Lal Bahadur college. Using private taxi or by rikshaws, tourist can reach the temple easily

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