In 2017-2018 Telugu new year Ugadi called as Sree Hevalambhi Nama Samvatsaram. Telugu calendar is called as Panchangam, Here we are providing 2 different Telugu Panchangam 2017-2018 pdf files (Telugu Calendar 2017-2018).

Ugadi is the New Year’s Day for Telugu people. This is the most auspicious & important festival in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Every year.

The Telugu calendar (Panchangam) includes 60 year names. Every 60 years one name cycle completes and the names repeat in the next cycle.

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Telugu Gantala Panchangam 2017-2018 pdf by L Subrahmanya Sindhanthi

Telugu Panchangam 2017-2018 pdf by TTD

Part 1 (from pages 1-61)

Part 2 (from pages 62-123)

 Part 3 (from pages 124-186)

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