Importance & Significance of Pradosh Vrat and Pradosh Fast

Pradosham Pradosham is thirteenth day of every fortnight, i.e, Trayodashi tithi in Hindu Calendar. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The word Pradosh or Pradosham means eliminating sins.  Pradosh Vrat or Pradosha Vratam or Pradosham is a Vrat or puja for the worship of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Pradosh Fast Generally, people observe fast (Pradosh vrata) on every Thrayodashi Tithi  i.e., Krishna Paksha Thrayodasi and Shukla Paksha Thrayodasi  (13th Lunar Day falling in Krishna Paksha and Shukla Pakshas) in lunar Month. Pradosh Kaal is the time when the day and the night meets (evening), it’s known as an auspicious time for worshipping Lord Shiva. Pradosh fast is considered to be very important, as this fast gives the best results. Read Pradosh Vrat Katha. Types of Pradosh Vrat Nithya Pradosh – The evening time on all days. Paksha Pradosh – Evening time of Shukla Paksha Chathurthi Maasa Pradosh – Evening time of Krishna Paksha Thrayodashi in every Month …
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Mauni Amavasya 2019 Date, Time, Importance & Significance

Mauni Amavasya 2019 Date Mauni Amavasya 2019 Date - Monday, 4th February (Amavasya Tithi Begins at 23:52 on 3rd February & Ends at 02:33 on 5th February) Mauni Amavasya 2020 Date - Friday, 24th January (Amavasya Tithi Begins at 02:16 on 24th January & Ends at 03:11 on 25th January) *For local timings, Please refer your local Panchang. About Mauni Amavasya The fifteenth day of the dark fortnight (The Amavasya) of Magha Maas (As per Purnimanth Calendar) is called as Mauni Amavasya. Mauni Amavasya is the last Amavasya before Maha Shivarathri. It is also called as Maghi Amavasya. Mauni or Maun means silence, on this Amavasya day Maun Vrat should be observed. Maun (Silence) Vrat is to control all our senses. On this day taking bath in holy rivers, along with fasting is considered very auspicious. Five Important Thing about Mauni Amavasya As per Hindu scriptures, The universe was created on this day. It is believed that Manu Rishi born on earth on th…
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Ratha Sapthami 2019 Date, Importance & Significance

Ratha Sapthami is a Hindu Festival which is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Saptami tithi (7th day from Amavasya) in the Maagha month(Jan-Feb). Ratha Sapthami 2019 Date 12th February - Tuesday   It is believed that Lord Surya started enlightening the world on this day and considered as the birthday of GodSurya born to sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi.  Ratha Sapthami is also called as Magha Sapthami, Surya Jayanthi, Maha Sapthami or surya saptami. Ratha Sapthami falls on the next day after Vasanth Panchami. The tithi Sapthami is dedicated to God Surya. Lord Surya Bhagavan placed in the center of nine planets (Navagrahas), because Surya is considered an important god because he is the source of life. God Surya is worshipped early in the morning when fresh sunrays emerge. Exposure to fresh sunrays rejuvenates energy and purifies the mind & body, it believed from the ages and proven scientifically. Significance & Importance of Ratha Sapthami Ratha Sapth…
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Vaikunta Ekadashi – Vaikunta Ekadashi 2019 & 2020 Dates

Vaikunta Ekadashi 2019 & 2020 Dates Vaikunta Ekadashi 2019 Date - No Vaikunta Ekadashi Vaikunta Ekadashi 2020 Date - Monday, 6th January & 25th December Vaikunta Ekadashi Importance

Ekadashi is an Eleventh Lunar day or Eleventh Tithi of the fortnight of the waxing or waning moon. Ekadashi occurs twice in a month i.e., once in Krishna Paksha and once in Shukla Paksha. Vaikunta Ekadashi Celebrations takes place in all the temples that dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his incarnations. 

Ekadashi that occurs in the Hindu month of Marghashira, Shukla Paksha (fortnight of waxing the moon) is known as Vaikunta Ekadashi.

Vaikunta Ekadashi – A Main Festival in South India

This is one of the main festivals for Vaishnavas and celebrated across all temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his incarnation…

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