Bathukamma is the floral festival (Cultural Festival of Telangana) celebrated by the Hindu women in the Indian state of Telangana. The women gather and celebrate Bathukamma Festival by singing Bathukamma Telugu Songs and playing around the Batukamma in traditional dresses.

The festival is celebrated for Nine Days.

Read more about 9 Days of Bathukamma Festival.

Most Popular Bathukamma Telugu Songs

  1. Ememi Puvvoppune Gowramma, Ememi Kayoppune  Song –                            Read or Download
  2. Chithu Chithula Bomma, Shivuni Muddula Gumma Song –                                  Read or Download
  3. Rama Rama Rama Uyyalo, Ramane Srirama Song –                                               Read or Download
  4. Rama Rama Rama Uyyalo, Rama Nandi Rama Uyyalo Song –                             Read or Download
  5. Usirika Chettukinda Uyyalo Bathukamma Telugu Song –                                       Read or Download
  6. Nee Bidda Perenti Uyyalo Bathukamma Song   –                                                       Read or Download
  7. Shukra Varamnadu Uyyalo Bathukamma Song –                                                     Read or Download
  8. Okkokka Akshinthalu Gowramma, Okka Malle Saaralu Song –                             Read or Download
  9. Panditlo Unnayi Uyyalo, Pagadala Rasulu Uyyalo Bathukamma Song –           Read or Download
  10. Okkesi Puvvesi Chandamama Bathukamma Telugu Song –                                Read or Download
  11. Sree Rama Chadrudu Uyyalo, Seetha tho Kudi Uyyalo Song                                Read or Download

Women Celebrating Bathukamma by Playing around Saddula Bathukamma

We will update more Bathukamma Songs soon with Audio and Video Versions.

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