Rohini Vrat is popular vrat practiced by the Jain community. The vrat is observed on Rohini Nakshatra day by Jain ladies for health and long life of their husbands. In some families, all the family members observe this vrat.

Rohini Vrat

Happy Rohini Vrat

According to Hindu and Jain calendars, 7 nakshatras are there, among them Rohini is fourth nakshatra. nakshatra falls once  in every twenty seven days.

Rohini vrat is observed on the day after sunrise.

Rohini Vrat Vidhi

On the day, devotees observing the fast wakes early and takes the holy bath. A photo or an idol of Vasupujya (one of the Twenty four Tirtankaras) is set up in the puja room. A puja is performed to the idol after a holy bath and offerings are made like dhoop and prasad.

After the puja, devotees start the fasting and that stretches up to the rise of next nakshatra called Marghashira or Marghashirsha.

After the end of vrat, they visit the temple and do charity works like feeding poor people, giving cloths.

The significance of any vrat in Hinduism or Jainism teaches the value of patience and sacrifice.

It is advised to continue the vrat for a stretch of 3 years or 5 years or 7 years. Most of the devotees observe it for a stretch of 5 years and five months.

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