Significance & Importance of Putrada Ekadashi

Putrada Ekadashi is a highly auspicious day to please Lord Vishnu and seek blessings for your child’s well being.

Childless couples  await for this special day so that they could be blessed with a son by the God. As per Hindu culture a son is supposed to conduct the last rites of parents and observe Shraddha after their death.

Besides providing the Santaan Sukh, Paush Putrda Ekadashi also provides other benefits like

  • Get rid of sins committed in past and attain moksha
  • Seek well being of your progeny
  • Achieve a sharp intelligence
  • Attain wealth and prosperity

Shri Krishna explains the glories of observing the Ekadashi Vratam in Narada Purana by saying :


Ashvamedha Sahasrani Rajasuya Shathanicha |

Ekadashi upavasasya kalanahithni shodashim ||

Meaning: Not even thousand Ashvamedha Yagas or hundred Raja Suya Yagas would match the fast on an Ekadashi Day.

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