There are 12 months in Hindu Calendar. Hindus Follows Lunar & Solar calendars.

In some calendar Chaitra is the First Month, In Some Calendars Baisakhi is the first month. Example in Bengali calendar Vaisak is the first month, in Gujarati Calendar Kartik is the first month of the year.

But all festivals falls on the same day as per Gregorian calendar.

Apart from these 12 months, Adhik Masa is there which falls once in 3 years.

1. Chaitra (March/April)

Chaitra is also known as Chet, Choitro, Chaitramu, Chaitram, Chaiti. In different regions, it is called with a different name.

Chaitra Masam or Chait Mahina is the first month in Lunar Hindu calendar. It is the last month in Bengali calendar & Nepali calendar.

As per Gregorian calendar, Chaitra Masa falls in March/April.

2. Vaishak (April/May)

Second Hindu month Vaishak  Masam is also called as Vaisakha or Vishaka Mahina. In Orissa, Bengali and Punjabi calendar it is known as Baisakha. In Tamilnadu, it is called as Vaikasi.

The name of the month is Vaishaka came from the position of the moon near the star Vaishakha.

Bengalis celebrate new year day on Vaishakha Sankranthi.

As per Gregorian calendar, Vaishaka Masa falls in April/May.

3. Jyeshta  (May/June)

Jyeshta is the third month in Hindu calendar.

In Bengal, it is known as Joishtho.

As per Gregorian calendar, Jyeshta Mahina falls in May/June.


4. Ashadha Month (June/July)

Ashadha is the third month in Hindu calendar.

Corresponding Gregorian calendar month for Bengali calendar is Asarh, the third month for Bengalis.


5. Shravan or Sawan or Sravana Masam (July/August)

Sawan or Sravana Mahina is the fifth month in Hindu calendar.

This month coincides with July and August.

Hindu women, especially in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka observes fasting by performing puja to Goddess Lakshmi, Gayathri, Saraswati, Parvathi, etc.

6. Bhadrapada Masam (August/September)

Bhadrapada is also known as Bhadra or Bhaado or Bhadraba.

As per Gregorian calendar Bhadrapada falls in August/September.

7. Ashwin or Aswayujamwin (September/October)

Ashwin month is also known as Asvin or Aswayuja. As per Gregorian, it falls in the month of September/October.

In Tamil calendar, this month is known as Aipasi.

8. Karthika Masam (October/November)

Kartika month is known as Karthikai or Kartika or Kartik.

In Gujarati, Calendar Kartika is the first month.

As per Gregorian this month falls in October/November.

9. Margashiram or Mrigashiva or Margashirsha (November/December)

Margasirsa month is known as Margashira or Mrigashiram or Agrahayana.

Agrahayana is derived from Agra = First, Ayana = Travel of the Sun (Equinox).

As per Gregorian this month falls in November/December.

10. Paush or Pushya Masam (December/January)

Paush month is the tenth Month of the year.

As per Gregorian this month falls in December/January.

It is also spelled as Pausha or Poush.

11. Magh or Magha Masam (January/February)

Magha is the 11th month in Hindu Calendar.

As per Gregorian this month falls in January/February.

During this month, Magh Mela is the important festival celebrated in north India.

12. Phalguna Masam (February/March)

Phalguna month is also known as Phalgun. This is the last month in Hindu calendar.

According to Bengali calendar, this is the 11th month & Chaitra is the last month.

In Gujarati calendar, this is the fifth month, as Gujarati New Year starts in Kartik month.


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