Who knows it better than a new mom or an expecting mom?

How exciting it is to decide a unique baby name for your newborn? Are you an expecting mom & looking for baby name ideas?

We have prepared a list of Hindu baby girl names starting with D for you to pick one from, for your newborn baby or to be born bundle of joy!

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with D

Name Meaning
Daksha  Earth; Wife of Lord Shiva
Dakshayani  Goddess Durga
Dalaja  Honey
Damini  Lightning
Damyanti  Beautiful
Darika  Maiden
Darpana  Mirror
Darshana  Observation
Daya  Kindness; mercy; pity
Dayamayi  Merciful
Dayanita  Merciful
Dayita  Beloved
Deborah  Queen Bee
Deekshaa Initiation; Sacrifice; Preparation for ceremony
Deekshita Initiation; Prepared
Deena Divine; Grand; Vindicated
Deepa  A lamp
Deepal  Light
Deepali  Collection of lamps
Deepakala  arc of lamps
Deepaprabha  lustre of lamps
Deepavati  a raagini; one with a lamp
Deepika  light; one with a lamp
Deepshika  Lamp
Deepta  luminous; glowing; bright
Deepti  Glow; shine
Deeta  A name of Goddess Lakshmi
Deetya  Answer of Prayers
Deleena  Good Looking
Demira  Devotee of Lord Krishna
Desna  Offering
Devakali  name of a music raagini
Devaki  Mother of Krishna
Devakiri  name of a raagini
Devangi  Like a Goddess
Devani Shining; Goddess
Devanshi  Divine
Devapriya  Dear to the Gods
Devashree  Goddess Lakshmi
Deveshi  Goddess Durga
Devi  Goddess
Devika  Goddess
Devina  Like a Goddess
Devishi  Chief of the Goddesses
Devkanya  Divine damsel
Devki  Lord Krishna’s mother
Devmani  Divine Gift
Devna  Godly
Devyani  Like a Goddess
Dhanashri  lustre of wealth; Wealthy
Dhanishta  name of a nakshatra
Dhanvanti  Wealthy
Dhanvi  Money; Wealthy
Dhanya  Thankful; Lucky
Dhanyata  Success; fulfilment
Dhara  Constant flow
Dharini  Earth
Dharitri  the Earth
Dharmista Lord of Dharma; Wants religion
Dharnitha  Earth
Dharti  Earth
Dharuna  Supporting
Dhatri  Earth
Dheeptha  Goddess Lakshmi
Dhinushshini Devi  A Name for Goddess Durga
Dhlriti  Courage; morale
Dhriti  Patience
Dhruti  Motion
Dhruva  Star; horizon
Dhruvi  Firm
Dhruvika  Firmly fixed
Dhuti Splendor; Luster; Glow; Light
Dhwani  Melody; sound
Dhyana  Meditation
Dhyuti  Full of splendor; Lord Krishna
Dia  Lamp
Digambari  Goddess Durga
Diksha  Initiation
Dimple A small indication one that forms in the cheeks when one smiles
Dipali  one with Lamps
Dipashri  Lamp
Dipika  One with a lamp
Dipti  Brightness
Disha  Direction
Dishani  one who gives direction
Dishi  Direction
Dishita  Focus
Diti  Idea
Diti  splendour
Divija  Born in Heaven
Divya  Divine; Heavenly; brilliant
Divyana  Divine
Divyanshi  Part of a divine power
Diya  Lamp
Draupadi  wife of pandavas
Drisana  daughter of the sun
Drishti  Sight
Drishya  Sight
Dristi  Sight
Druti  Softened
Durga  Parvati
Durriya  Expensive pearl
Durva  A medicinal herb
Dyumna  Glorious
Dyuti  Full of splendor; Light


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