In Hindu religion one of the most common offerings to the God (in Temples, at homas or at any religious events) is a coconut. In Sanskrit coconut is called as Sriphala, means The Fruit of God. The Hindus believe that the coconut is the purest form of offering that one can render unto God.

Know why coconuts are offered to the Gods

Coconut has very peculiar features like no other fruit or vegetable, with features like a hard, dark out shell with a soft white inner shell and filled with sweet water.

  • The outer shell of the coconut resembles your ego, anger and all the negative qualities that can be associated. When you break coconuts in front of God or in homas, it shows that you are leaving ego, anger and all other the negative qualities.
  • The white inner layer resembles the pure and all positive qualities. When you break coconuts by flattering in front of the God, it shows that asking for blessings with your pure heart, to keep your life pure and positive.
  • The sweet water in the coconut is pure, untouched by the human and the tree drawn from its very base to its highest level and It is natures best beverage and an instant energizer.

Physical, Psychological and Spiritual elements

The composition of the coconut is characteristic of the three elements of man. The hard outer shell with its coarse fibres, represents the physical composition.

The inner white layer represents man’s psychological element, and the untouched water signifies his spiritual composition.

The 3 eyes of coconut

Like coconut, no other fruit or vegetable has three distinct eyes of the coconut. These symbolize the trinity of evolution- Creation, Preservation, Dissolution.

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The three eyes resembles Lord Shiva and the eyes also represent the three eyes of man – the two physical eyes plus the third or ‘inner eye’ can penetrate the false, outer facade and reach the ultimate truth, it alone distinguishes right from wrong.

Why do we take coconut as Prasad?

The coconut is eaten and the coconut water is taken by Hindus as blessed prasad and theerth in the belief that after breaking it in front of the God it has received divine vibrations from God and will therefore give us good health and prosperity.

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