The name itself saying that the lord vishnu is in the form of Ganapathi or Vinayaka with panch mukha(five heads). The temple is located in Kankuri village, 2.5 kilometers from Shirdi, Maharashtra.

Mr. Bejan Daruwalla, a famous astrologer and staunch devotee and believer of Lord ganesha installed a 7.5 feet height Panchamukhi Vishnu Ganesh idol in new temple on June 13th, 2002 at 12 PM with step by step holy chants by pundits.

An idol of mouse(the vehicle or vahan of lord Ganesha) is placed in front of the Ganesh idol in the temple. It is believed that the devotees needs to whisper his/her wish in the ear of the mouse but not disclose it to anybody and the wish would be fulfilled by the lord ganesha. Men used to whisper in the right ear and women in the left ear of the mouse.

 panchmukhi vishnu ganapati temple shirdi

Panchamukhi Vishnu Ganapathi

A temple dedicated to lord Hanuman ji is also present behind the Panchamukhi Vishnu.

Sai & Annapoorneswari temple at Panchamukhi Vishnu Ganapathi Temple

Ganapathi temple and a temple dedicated to Shri Saibaba and Anna Poorneshwari Devi is behind the main temple.

Annapurneshwari devi in panchmukhi vishnu ganapati temple shirdi

Annapurneshwari Devi

The temple is spread over 2 acres with a community marriage hall for villagers, an oldage home and fourty rooms for devotees to stay. And daily free meals for poor people and devotees will be provided at 12 PM in tepmle premises. The temple is organizing and maintaining by Shri Gyan Sai Kendra Trust, Hyderabad.

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