As per Hindu calendar, in every month during shukla paksha, sashti  tithi(the sixth day in the bright half

of the month) is considered as Skanda Sashti.

Know more about Skanda Sashti, Soora Samharam, Subrahmanya Sashti.

Date Day Importance
03, January Tuesday Skanda Sashti
02, February Thursday Skanda Sashti
03, March Friday Skanda Sashti
01, April Saturday Skanda Sashti
01, May Monday Skanda Sashti
30, May Tuesday Skanda Sashti
28, June Wednesday Skanda Sashti
28, July Friday Skanda Sashti
27, August Sunday Skanda Sashti
25, September Monday Skanda Sashti
25, October Wednesday Soora Samharam
24, November Friday Subrahmanya Sashti
24, December Sunday Skanda Sashti
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