Here is the Month wise list of Pournami 2019 Dates, dates given as per Gregorian calendar. Pornami falling Hindu month name and days also listed.

Full moon days in Hindu calendar are known as Purnima or Pournami. South Indian people called it as Pournami, whereas North Indians called Purnima.

Apart from festivals, Pournami is a very important and auspicious day in Hindu calendar.

List of Pournami 2019 Dates

Date Day Pournami
21, January Monday Paush Pournami
19, February Tuesday Magha Pournami
21, March Thursday Phalguna Pournami
19, April Friday Chaitra Pournami
18, May Saturday Vaishakha Pournami
17, June Monday Jyeshta Pournami
16, July Tuesday Ashada Pournami
15, August Thursday Shravana Pournami
14, September Saturday Bhadrapada Pournami
13, October Sunday Ashwayuja/Ashwin Pournami
12, November Tuesday Kartika Pournami
12, December Thursday Marghashira Pournami


Kartika Purnima/Punnami 2019 Date, Magha Purnima 2019 Date, Sravana Purnima 2019 Date

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