Indra keeldri temple, Vijayawada is well know temple of Goddes Kanaka Durga ma, during the Navarathri the Goddes Durga worshiped in different forms. Navaratri means Nine Nights and Ten Days.

Vijayawada Kanaka durga temple

Kanakadurga Temple Decorated during with lights Navarathri

As per Amvasyanth Calender,

Tthe first day on Ashvayuja Shudha Pournami devi worshiped in the form of Swarna Kavachala Alakrutha Devi.

On the second day, on the same ththi and Nakshathra devi worshiped as Bala Thripura Sundari Devi.

On the Third Day, on Ashvayuja Shudha Vidiya devi worshiped as Sri Gayathri Devi

On the day Four, on Ashvayuja Shudha Thadiya devi worshiped as Sri Mahalakshmi.

On the day five, on Ashvayuja Shudha Chavithi devi worshiped as Sri Annapurna Devi.

On the day six, on Ashvayuja Shudha Panchami Devi worshiped as Sri Lalitha Thripura Sundari Devi.

On the day Seven, on Ashvayuja Shudha Shashti devi worshiped as Sri Saraswathi Devi.

On eighth day, on Ashvayuja Shudha Sapthami devi worshiped as Sri Durga Devi.

On the day nine, on Ashvayuja Shudha Ashtami devi worshiped as Sri Mahisasura Mardini.

On the last day, on Ashvayuja Shudha Navami also called as “Vijaya Dashami” devi worshiped as Sri Rajarajeswari Devi.

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